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    Letter of Intent for Red Cross

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    Please help me research The American Red Cross Organization and determine a need based on an existing program or even develop a new program that would be beneficial to the organization and the community that it serves. Using the information collected from the research, please show me how I would go about writing a letter of intent.

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    The name of the organization is American Red Cross. We are asking for a donation of $100,000 for building a shelter at Newark' Branch Brook Park. This shelter will provide shelter, food, clothing, and vocational training to those people who have been displaced by natural disaster (storms) and have not been able to rehabilitate themselves. It is expected that the total cost of the project will be $400,000. The person in charge of the project is Patricia Anderson, who has graduate degree in business and has 12 years experience with the American Red Cross. Assisting her will be Tom Burke; he has a BA in History, and has five years experience in helping disaster victims, and Nancy Adams, she has a bachelor's degree in Literature and has three year's experience with the American Red ...

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