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    Instructional Module and Training Plan Presentation

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    What are some of the ways that teaching adults varies from teaching adolescents?
    What are two ways to vary an instructional module or training plan presentation for adult learners?

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    Adult learners differ from school-age learners in many ways. First, because adult learners have life experience, they tend to be less likely to simply "accept" information. The instructor must have fact-based references to "prove" the material being taught is valid. Secondly, adult learners expect material to be relevant and applicable to their current life situation. This often means that class instruction needs to be focused more on the application of the material, and not the "why" or the "how" of the concept. For example, adult learners are more concerned about the relevance of a current law and how if applies ...

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    This solution outlines some of the differences in teaching adults as opposed to adolescents and provides two ways to vary a lesson plan for a presentation to adult learners.