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Instructional Module/Training Plan

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Sections of a well-written traning plan include:

- Instructional topic, which is the subject
- Instructional module or training plan title
- Learning setting, such as business and educational setting
- Audience, including the description of intended audience
- Delivery modality, such as online, hybrid, and face-to-face
- Total time allotment
- Instructional module or training plan goal
- Performance-based lesson objectives
- Summative assessment description

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Instructional Topic: The topic is an important part of the plan because it will often give you clues about the setting, delivery method, etc. For example, if the training is about "Tasty Desserts of the World" the best setting for that might be in a kitchen rather than in a classroom. For this example I will use "Tasty Desserts of the World"

Instructional Module/Training Plan Title: The training plan title is going to be more specific than the topic. As you can see, the topic is very broad so you want to narrow it down to something that can be taught within the time frame. Title - "How to make American Apple Pie"

Learning Setting: The setting is an important consideration. Choosing the wrong setting can affect how much learners actually learn. You consider different learning styles (Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic). You also want to consider the group size. Some topics are best covered in small group settings. Others are fine in a large lecture setting. Obviously, in this case, we want to keep the group size small. ...

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In this solution, students learn how to outline a training plan or instructional module, and the importance and relevance of each section of the outline.

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