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    Differentiating in Learning

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    Differentiated Instruction
    Select a post-secondary lesson plan, an instructional module, a training plan, and one segment of a workshop or a seminar agenda.

    Follow your selected post-secondary lesson plan or segment of a seminar or workshop to write a 1200+ word paper recommending two modifications for each of the following four differentiated instruction methods presented in class:

    - Differentiating the content to be learned
    - Varying or altering the instructional strategies used to teach the required content
    - Varying the end product used to demonstrate mastery of the required content
    - Varying or altering the environment to accommodate varied learning styles

    Discuss how you think each recommended modification facilitates and engages adult learners.

    If possible, place the lesson plan, module, training plan, or agenda as an appendix in the paper.

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    The paper will discuss revisions to a lesson plan designed to teach adults basic computer skills. This lesson plan is one of a series of 12 lessons designed for instructors to teach adults computer basics including learning the parts of the computer, learning computer applications including Windows 7, typing and editing text using specific keystrokes and Microsoft Word, and other basic computing skills. Students are required prior to the training program to know very basic computer skills such as using the mouse, logging into the Internet, and saving files.

    The postsecondary lesson plan selection is directly from Decoda Literary Solutions resources. This lesson plan is designed to reach a diverse group of adult learners who may need additional assistance learning basic computer skills, learning software applications, and learning to navigate the World Wide Web. A majority of students are elderly or speak English as a second language. The design of the program is for classroom instruction so that an instructor can be present to facilitate and guide students through the learning process and instruct them according. However, this lesson plan fails to recognize that in order to teach adults to use a computer and navigate the Internet, a good majority of the learning must be individual in nature or small-group oriented so that hands-on use of the computer is the primary focus for students.

    Differentiating The Content To Be Learned

    With the present lesson plan, differentiation of the content is not as applicable because the primary objective is to provide a student with an overall view of the computer and its operations through traditional instruction. However, in this classroom atmosphere, it would be more useful to differentiate the content to be learned by allowing students to work in such a way where they are more comfortable and less stressed with the learning objectives and allowing them to work at their own pace to complete lessons and learning objectives.

    Differentiation means to tailor the classroom instruction to meet individual needs. When teaching differentiate content, the use of ongoing assessment and flexible adjustments to instructional ...

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