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    Instructional Technology Plan

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    Develop an instructional technology plan of training course of "OSHA requirements for blood borne pathogens" for for school employees. The course will be administered on-line as an asynchronous course that is self-paced and it will use Flash for animations, PowerPoint for slides, Dreamweaver as a web site platform, and Lectora to integrate these programs and for the evaluation and testing

    The plan should include:

    1. A description of the selected learning environment and the population of learners.
    2. Accessibility issues such as geographic location (i.e., dispersion of students)
    3. Infrastructure to support the technology (e.g., administrative, help desk, etc.).
    4. Technological constraints that could affect access (e.g., bandwidth issues, hardware/software limitations, cost, etc.).
    5. Instructional issues including learning objectives, interactivity, student assessment, complexity of content, rate of content change, etc.
    6. Evaluation of instructional media mix. Describe "Flash for anamations, PowerPoint for slides, Dreamweaver as a web site platform, and Lectora to integrate these programs and for the evaluation and testing" that are used to support the organization's instructional technology plan based on the criteria.

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    Instructional Technology Plan

    1. Your problem stated that the presentation would be a required OSHA blood-borne pathogens course for all school employees. This is a "true-to-life" scenario because every school employee is required to review the information once a year. Usually, the presentation is given in a meeting format for new employees. Returning employees often just read the manual and sign the form once a year. Having an on-line course would be very valuable.

    If you are working for a school district right now, go to your district's website and find information about the number of employees working this year. You need to include principals, secretaries, nurses, teachers, educational assistants, substitute teachers, custodians, cooks, and district office workers. If you are not working in a school right now, go to the U.S. Department of Education, choose a website for a district that appeals to you and find out how many employees work for that district. The U.S. Department of Education website address with links to school districts is:

    2. You need to plan where your students (employees of a school district) will access the on-line class. In the school districts where I live, each ...