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Special education of a physical and health impaired student

I am required to ask a special education teacher what is the impact of the physical and the health impairments on the education of disabled students. I could use as much information for the above question. I would also like to know How does it affect them emotionally, socially and academically and what can be done to help them succeed in school.

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I was a special education teacher, so I hope this helps.

Heath imparments and physical disabilities have a huge impact on these types of students. They may be brave soldiers on the outside, but on the inside almost all the students I have worked with has some emotional and social issues. No matter how accomodating the school, staff, or other student can be, they still feel that they are different and are on the outside. They are not stupid. They know they have a disability and they try to hide the fact in thier own minds. Emotionally the feeling of self worth and self esteem are low. They ...

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Special education of a physical and health impaired students are determined.