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Strategies used to Teach Technological Literacy to Retirees

1) What are several strategies you might use to support a group of new retirees who take your basic computer usage class at the clubhouse in their retirement village? Assume that most of these people have little to no computer experience.

2) What are the reasons that adult learners tend to prefer non-traditional learning models? Relate your thinking to the characteristics of adult learners.

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1) One strategy would be to tie their computer learning to areas of life that they are passionate about. For example a number of the retirees probably have grandchildren they love. You could tie in this passion for their grandchildren with learning activities such as photo editing, email, face book etc. Maybe some of them are passionate about politics, fishing, trains or nature. Regardless of the passion, if it can be tied to the learning environment then learning the computer becomes a means to a greater end rather than an end in itself.

Because of the age difference between me and the retirees I would see if I could get a couple of retired volunteers who are knowledgeable about ...

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This solution examines strategies to employ when teaching technological literacy to retired adults. Non-traditional methods are examined as they relate to adult education. This solution is approximately 450 words.