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Impact of Musicians and Performance

Ready for a virtual field trip? Follow this link to Austin City Limits.
Choose two artists that you have not heard before, then watch and listen to their featured songs.

Begin your post by mentioning the artists and the songs heard. Next, one at a time, describe them, and answer the following questions.
1) What is the performance like?
2) How do the musicians act?
3) Does the music impact you?
4) Does it resemble music you listen to regularly? Why or why not?

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The first artist I picked was Jeff Bridges. I listened to the song entitled, "What a Little Bit of Love Can do" and watched the video of him performing the piece. The people on stage include Jeff Bridges and six musicians, two of which are doubling as vocalists. To have this many people put on a performance takes a lot of planning and organization to get it just right. The musicians act as though they are concentrating very hard on the music. Though most musicians have fun with the music and try to make contact with the ...

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The impacts of musicians and performances are determined.