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    Art's connection to life

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    Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? How does art express our personal convictions?
    Which type of creator (musicians, authors, sculptors, painters, architects) do you believe had the most influence on society, and which do you believe have the most influence today? Why?

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    First of all, you might note that yes, I strongly feel that art imitates life in many ways and capacities. Since so much of art resonates with real life themes, topics, symbols, and other facets, I feel like it mimics life in personal, political, social, emotional, and other expressions. I also feel like art is much like a mirror; in other words, I feel that an artist reflects what is happening in his or her own life, times, political context, cultures, social settings, psychological states, economic conditions, and many other facets. What do you think of this analogy?
    As you then explain how art expresses our own personal convictions, I feel that art can be used to ...

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