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Humanities Correlations - Democracy and Tyranny

Do you think that there is any correlation between a flourishing state of the arts and a democracy? A tyranny? This inquiry is examined.

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Although this topic is quite vast, I offer some of my ideas and outside sources to help you to formulate your own opinion and written response:

First of all, I strongly concur that there is a definite correlation between a flourishing state of the arts and a democracy. Unlike in a tyranny where art is censored, oppressed, or governed, I feel that art within a democracy is highly indicative of the political, social, economic, cultural and other personal freedoms afforded to citizens and artists like within a democracy.

When citizens are empowered within a democracy, the people feel more open to create art. If you look at this topic historically, you might cite "Pisistratus who gathered foreign poets to his court on the public payroll, who arranged for the state to ...

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Connections with the realm of the humanities are discussed in this solution, including opinion and information regarding art expression in a democracy versus a tyranny.