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Plato's book Republic

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Please explain how the example of the tyrannical city shows us why it is bad to be a tyrannical, unjust person.

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The expert examines Plato's book republic.

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After describing the tyrannical state in book VIII, Socrates embarks on a description of the soul of the tyrannical man. He starts by describing the base desires that everyone has--appetitive instincts that, unchecked, can lead people to do horrible and unnatural things. Most people, and philosophers most of all, are able to rule their appetitive part with their rational part. A man becomes tyrannical when he loses control of these appetites. The tyrannical man is vicious because his uncontrolled desires drive him to do terrible things to fulfill them. He is also the most wretched and unhappy because he is never satisfied, and is always being stung by his appetites into ...

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