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stylistic difference in Plato's Republic

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Hello: There is a clear stylistic difference between Book 1 and the rest of the Republic....what does this say about Plato's views about the effectiveness of the Socratic cross-examination?

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Plato's Republic is examined in terms of stylistic differences.

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I believe there are a few considerations that should be looked at in order to answer this question effectively.

* What is the stylistic difference between Book 1 and the rest of the Republic? Try re-reading Book 1, taking note of the number of speakers being introduced. How many speakers are represented from Book 2 on? The number of speakers introduced in Book 1 is crucial to understanding Plato's position with regards to the Socratic method. What do these positions represent? These are crucial questions to consider when attempting to critically assess Plato's position on the effectiveness of the Socratic cross-examination.

* The various characters introduced in Book 1 represent the most common views on the meaning of justice. Plato shows us through his use of the Socratic method that these views are untenable and unjustified. Using poets, for instance, as an authority on the definition of justice leaves much to be desired. How are we to know that their definitions on such an important matter have ...

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