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    What is Justice in the city?

    Plato contends that we have to see whether it applies as well to justice in a person...why does he think this?

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    The entire question of the Just City is in service of the question of justice. It is also important to note that Plato is not arguing whether it is "better", i.e., more moral, to live justly, but rather whether it is more beneficial, whether the just life will make one happier.
    <br>The first framework to discuss might be Socrates' decision, totally unchallenged by those around him, to magnify their discussion of individual characteristics into a discussion of the city. To understand this, we should remember the place of the city (polis) in Plato's Greece. The political unit of the period was the polis--like the individual, each city was a freestanding, autonomous entity with different characteristics that defined it. Thus, it would seem very sensible to any Greek ...