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Current Integrated Communication and Distribution Strategies

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Complete an analysis of the current Integrated Communications and Channel/Distribution Strategies.

- Describe the current approach being used and label/ identify the strategies using the key concepts from the course that refer to communication and distribution strategies.

- Conclude with 2 suggestions/ideas you have, one from each area given the firm's current overall marketing strategy.

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The expert completes an analysis of the current integrated communications and channel/distribution strategies. The current approach being used and label/identified the strategies using the key concepts from the course that refers to communication and distribution strategies are determined.

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Banana Republic - Communication and Distribution Strategy Analysis

Banana Republic is a casual luxury brand that offers high-quality apparel for men and women. It offers sophisticated seasonal collections of accessories, shoes, personal care products, intimate apparel and gifts for the home. Their lifestyle collections are characterized by elevated design and luxurious fabrications at approachable prices. Several Banana Republic factory stores carry similar merchandise at lower prices. (Yahoo Finance, 2012). From work to casual occasions, Banana Republic offers covetable, uncomplicated style. They target on market segment looking for premium products and willing to pay a premium price. Their target is confident people who care about how they look and interested in style and looking appropriate (Banana Republic, 2012).

Banana Republic: Current Communication Strategies
Consumers do not make purchasing decision in vacuum, Banana Republic coordinate media decisions to permit the simultaneous transmission of lifestyle imagery in diverse media. This is a strategic communication approach of Banana Republic which helps them achieve an edge over its competitors. They use collaborative advertising and public relations together in order to reach core of their customer base (Thorson & Moore).

Banana Republic is a lifestyle and fashion brand. It has limited customer base; youngsters and working professionals including men and women both. They do not use mass marketing approach or generic campaigning for the population; they create their communication strategies specifically designed for their customers. Banana Republic does not apply push communication strategy because of their focused & concentrated approach and limited customer base, but yes, they have stores and outlets from where they cater their target segments across the world ("Push, pull &,").

The high end target segment of Banana Republic have access to greater number of technologically advanced platforms and services like online shopping, social networking sites, you tube, twitter etc. To focus and cater this high end segment, Banana Republic use pull strategies where it create more and more demand of its fashion and style products amongst its customers and make them to seek out for their products("Push, pull &,").
Banana Republic promote its offerings using print, outdoor and online advertising; through direct mail; in stores; and through social media. For instance, fans of Banana Republic on Facebook had got early ...

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