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    Diplomacy and Tyranny of Metternich

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    Please help with some points on these topics concerning diplomacy and tyranny of Metternich:

    1. Prominence of Vienna after the Defeat of Napoleon

    2. Early Life of Metternich and his Diplomatic skills

    3. Diplomacy of Metternich between France and Russia

    4. Key Role played by Metternich at the congress of Vienna and his achievements for Austria

    5. Efforts of Metternich to make Vienna Settlement a Permanent Affair and clash with Great Britain

    6. Damages done by Metternich

    7. Rule of Metternich came to an end.

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    Austria-Hungary played a very important part in the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte. It was for the same reason that Vienna became the center stage of consultation while re-drawing the map of Europe. Metternich, the Chancellor of Austria guided the Europeans nations during the deliberations.
    Prince Metternich lived from 1773 to 1859. At the young age itself, he acquired great diplomatic skills. Metternich became the Chancellor of Austria, when he reached the age of 36. Metternich occupied a key position in Europe during 19th century. He believed that he was the cynosure of all eyes and his vanity had no limits. As an ardent opposer of democracy, he was against the French Revolution and ...

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    This solution describes about the oppositon of Metternich to democracy and Liberalism. He played an important role in the Congress of Vienna. His diplomatic skills, tyranical rule and downfall were the theme of this solution