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    Strategically Dealing with Iran and Iraq

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    Please read:
    (TS) Issue 8: â??Should All Foreign Troops Soon Leave Iraq?â?
    (TS) Issue 14: "Is patient diplomacy the best approach to Iran's nuclear program?"
    (TS) Issue 15: â??Should U.S. Development of a Missile Defense System Continue?â? Answer the question on Taking Sides Issues 8, 14 and 15. Keep your answers to the point.
    What would be the consequences for Iraq, region and the world if all foreign troops would leave Iraq?
    Take a position on if diplomacy or use of force either unilateral or collective action under UN mandate would work against Iran. Evaluate the consequences of the policy you are proposing for states involved in the crises, region and the world.
    Do you support the continued development of missile by the US? What are the consequences for regional and global peace stability with continued missile development?

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    At the present time there will be detrimental consequences for Iraq, the region, and the world, if all foreign troops left Iraq. Iraq is still in a relatively unstable state, and the training and knowledge that foreign troops can provide to Iraqi troops, as well as the stability and security that they help to provide to the nation through their covert and conventional military operations, help to keep the nation as stable as possible under the circumstances. An insecure an unstable Iraq will provide a fruitful environment for the development, organization, and training, of terrorist organizations, etc., which would be detrimental to the security of Iraq, the ...

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    The expert determines how to strategically deal with Iran and Iraq.