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    Government Design: Efficiency and Tyranny

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    The U.S. Congress is a complex, but extremely inefficient organization. Inefficiency is not always a fault or handicap. Congress was intentionally created to be rather inelegant, clunky, and almost perforce inefficient. In government design, efficiency almost always leads to tyranny. By making action so difficult between and amongst Congress, the courts and the President, a bulwark of freedom arose since it made tyranny rather difficult to achieve. But congressional inefficiency imposes terrible costs on society - as Kettl's book makes clear. Is this simply the price we have to pay in order to stave off tyranny for as long as possible?

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    This is not necessarily the price that has to be paid to stave off tyranny as the constitution established three branches of government with the autonomy to rule over their own institutions without control deference to another governmental ...

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    The solution examines if a core design of government is to be inefficient, in order to prevent tyranny.