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    Republicanism in the United States

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    I'm having a difficult time understanding politics in general and would like help understanding how early republican ideology ( during the 18th century revolution, before and after ) strike a chord with issues in today's political climate? What are the parallels? Is this a case of history repeating itself? Or is this an invalid comparison? A brief but valid summary would be great!

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    Early Republican ideology begins in the United States with the embracement of this ideology by the founding fathers, who were supporters of the belief in national and individual liberty. This is the ideology that prompted the founding fathers to support a Constitution that guaranteed the unalienable rights of individuals against any form of tyranny by the government, or their fellow citizens. This strong belief in resistance against tyranny and the rights of individuals was one of the driving forces of the American Revolution, which resulted in America gaining its independence. Even before the American Revolution, many individuals within the colonies believed in the protection of individual liberties from infringement by government ...

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    This solution addresses the development of Republicanism in the United States.