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    Growth of Economy & Republicanism

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    Describe how artisans manufactured goods in the early national period.

    How did the growing market economy affect the way goods were produced, and how did it shape the development of social classes?

    Define and discuss the concept of republicanism.

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    Republicanism & the American Nation under Jackson

    A republic simply put is a nation where the head of the state, the person leading the people and its government is not a monarch. The people, the citizenry of the nation hold a great part in the affairs of government and society with their collective voices giving power and direction to government and leadership. Republic came from the Latin term res publica, meaning 'a public thing' or 'a public affair'. Of course, the republics today do not fully resemble the Roman republics under Caesars and dictators but the idea that the leader is not a monarch and the people having a say came from them and from the Greek idea of democracy. Now, prior to Andrew Jackson gaining the Presidential seat, he first came to prominence as a war hero (Battle of New Orleans, 1815) and was a supporter of the ideas of Thomas Jefferson, opposing the idea of centralizing power and Federalization (having one national bank and centralizing debt as well as power - the idea of Hamilton that lead to the creation of a Federal government and a National Bank). Be that as it may, by the time Jackson came to power the Constitution was in place and the Federal institutions showed wisdom as US debt incurred during the Revolutionary War was slowly met with wealth and industry as well as trade having returned to the former colonies. At this period, artisanship was the key specialization as well as yeomanry and the gap between the rich and the poor is easily felt in the young nation. There was great competition for artisans apprenticeships and production does not necessarily meet demand (in busy trading centers) or profit becomes difficult due to lack of demand (difficulty in reaching markets). Cottage industries as well as specializations can only allow so much in terms of making a living. Yeomanry does just about the same, with produce only enough to feed the family unless the farm has specialized labour (in the form of ...

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