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    challenges specific to a newly industrialized economy

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    What are the challenges specific to a newly industrialized economy? Is it easier or more difficult to enter and market to this economy? What is the difference between new growth and newly industrialized economies? Which would you prefer and why?

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    Industrialized Economy

    Challenges for Newly Industrialized Economy
    In this competitive era, it is quite difficult for the firms to sustain its competitive position and to run business in newly industrialized economy due several difficulties or challenges. Challenges for newly industrialized economy are as follow:

    Technology is one of the factors that create barriers in newly industrialized economy. In the economy development, different organizations play an important role. Technology is changing rapidly that affects the business operation and production that is harmful for the newly industrialized economy (Conceicao, 2000). Innovation in technology or use of new technology supports the newly industrialized economy.

    International trading environment:
    International trading environment is a critical factor of newly industrialized economy. In international trading environment, countries exchange the goods, capital and services across the world. The nature of ...

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    The solution discusses challenges specific to a newly industrialized economy.