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    Workplace Democracy

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    Workplace democracy is very essential especially in the context of the dictatorial conditions under which certain people work. People have been and are currently forced to work under a high degree of subjection and speechlessness. This type of stifling is insufferable at the level of citizenship and can be classified as "office tyranny" which further results in uprisings.

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    In work environments worldwide people are being subjected to others who make all the decisions. This prevents employees from feeling empowered. While it is understandable that all people may not have the capacity to make certain decisions, nor the management training, decision making as a principle, must be for the people who are closest to the features, problems, and opportunities of a particular issue. When they are accorded ...

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    This solution will offer some valuable information on democracy in the workplace. This is an issue which we generally throw out the window and forget to address. This posting will show how our attitudes in the workplace must be considered as they contribute to productivity and the maintenance of relationships.