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Movement Activity for Preschool

Pretend you are the director of a day care center. Describe a movement activity that you want your employees to do with a certain age group. The activity should be open-ended, and it should promote creative responses while helping increase motor proficiency. You assign the activity and the age group. Describe the activity to your employees. Tell them how to do the activity and why you want them to do it. Be sure you make suggestions for changes.

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Here is one of my favorite movement activities for preschool age children.

"Hot Potato"

This activity is done to music. I teach the children the song "Hot Potato" by the Wiggles. I use different stuffed items for each round of the song. These items are made out of fabric and filled with polyfiber fill. You can download the Wiggles's song off of itunes. It is also available on youtube.

For this activity, everyone gets into a circle. One child has the "potato" and when the music begin he/she passes the potato to the child next to him/her as fast as possible. When the music stops, everyone without the ...

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A description of a movement activity for preschool students is provided. The activity changes for employees are given.