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Curriculum Standards

I have found an interview, on the internet, which I would like to use with "Cathleen P.", which I have attached as a Podcast. Can someone help me to create an outline of what the important topics are and create a critique that you would make being a teacher? **See attachment**

National/State Standards and Benefits of Standardization

Please answer any three questions of your choice. 1. What do you see as the benefits of standards? What are the problem areas? 2. Using national and your state's standards in your content area, discuss how you would implement and apply any three standards found. 3. Give an example of how you could use backw

Teaching English to Native Learners

Should English language learning instruction replace a natives language? Should Ell students be identified as students in need such as special education What are the advantages and disadvantages teaching students in native language? What do you think would be the ideal program for a Ell student. Need resources.

Need assistance with practice problem

I need assistance on building graphs/charts for the data. This is a practice problem. If you could please provide assistance so that I could use it as a model to complete the orignal assignment. Data for Practice Problems Standard Test Scores Name Gender Absences PE Math Writing Reading Alex Boy 5 49 85 86 80 Antho

Podcast interview analysis and summary

I have attached a podcast interview for a class. The podcast interview comes from a professor at an IT school who is requiring his class to write questions about the interview and administer a test to students at a school. What I need to do is to create a summary for this assignment. Please help me create an outline for a su

Methods of instruction to help "lost" children.

Discuss a classroom situation where you, as the student, felt completely lost. Why did you feel this way? How could the teacher have changed the methods of instruction to help you learn better?

Need assistance with producing data on a graph

I need assistance with transfering the followin information on at least 3 measures to describe data. (percentages, polygons, histogram, other descriptive data. Here are the results of the survey: 5 question and 6 participates 1. As a teacher do you feel pressure form the district superintendant to raise scores on the state t

visual, auditory and tactical simulations of a newborn child

Please help with the following question. Fied (1980) recommended four sensory modalities for neonatal developmental interventions. In view of the above assertion, discuss what is involved in visual, auditory and tactical stimulations of a new born child.

Instructional tools

Please describe 3 instructional tools that would be beneficial to use in a differentiated preschool classroom. Provide at least 200 words and include one reference.

Gathering facts about the learners

I am completing an assignment where I have to sumarize the background, characteristics and needs of preschool students a military setting here in Georgia. Answering the relevant and supporting questions related to background of students and their needs. For example:strengths, background knowledge & experience, interests, learnin

How to construct a positive parent letter

Choose one: i) Gina is a docile student, socializing little, nondisruptive. However, she rarely completes an assignment, especially one that is her part in a group project, which frustrates her teammates. ii) Susan participates in class activities and completes her homework. However, she talks constantly and is disruptive

Service learning activity overview

Describe briefly who you worked with, what you did, how it related to the work of a multicultural teacher, what you learned and what new questions you may have. Feel free to use ideas from text to add to your report. Would you do something like this again? Why or why not?

Role of Assessment

Why should we as teachers differentiate insturction? Please share some ideas to differentiate and assess student learning at the pre-k and kindergarten level. What is the role of the teacher? What is a response to critics that say differentiation lowers standards and student expectations.

Course Numbering

I need help trying to figure out some of the pro or con position regarding the issue of standardizing course numbers in higher education or in a global corporate university. Also, gather, evaluate, and organize factual, accurate evidence from different sources that supports the pro or con position. Present evidence that effectiv

Assessment Strategies

Identify at least three (3) assessment strategies that you would use in a differentiated classroom. Provide a brief summary and reference link. Describe the strategies in terms of their usefulness to the content area you teach. Describe how feedback is provided to students in a differentiated setting.


1. Describe some examples where your clients may have hit barriers in the system and how you have helped your client(s) navigate through those barriers. If you do not have human services examples, then use times at other jobs, or while you were volunteering, in school, etc. Please cite at least two times where you have interven


I need help answering the following questions. What attributes of behavior, learning, and performance should be considered in describing a studentâ??s current performance level? What is the relationship between the evaluation report and determination of eligibility for special education and related services?

Experience with differentiated instruction

What does differentiated instruction mean, and then more specifically to a early childhood teacher? Please give some examples of differentiated instruction that could take place in an early childhood classroom.

High Stakes Testing

Need assitance on high stakes testing that is done in your state and/or a local school district. Identify testing requirements that are prerequisite to romotion or graduation. Discuss legal, ethical, political and/or financial issues surrounding the testing requirements. Focus your discussion on the top three issues you

Teacher Right Summary Exercise

Research teacher employment provisions in your state. Use a graphic organizer of your choice (table, chart, map, etc.) to present your findings on the following: What is the definition of a probationary teacher?· What are the conditions for becoming a tenured teacher? What specific offenses would preclude a teac

Disabilities discussion is briefly achieved.

1. What are some of the benefits and deterrents to system of classifying disabilities as defined in IDEA and how this system came about. 2. define and discuss the 3 perspectives of disabilities