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Children's Understanding of Bias

There is a widely held belief that children are too young to understand bias and that they don't notice differences. Do you agree or disagree with this belief? Discuss your ideas and relate them to the material presented in Chapter 2 of your text. Defend your position by giving specific details to support your opinions.

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Obviously you will have to relate these ideas to your text since you haven't mentioned what is in chapter 2.

I do not believe the statement that 'children are too young to understand bias.' This is the very time when bias and prejudice is learned. Children are very susceptible to even the slightest nuances of discrimination in their family and with their friends, from the earliest ages. They learn to mimic actions and reactions from their parents. They imitate responses to situations. That is what 'environment' is all about and it is very significant to the development of a child into becoming an adult. It is said that a child generally has accumulated the basics of his personality by the time he is 7 years old! How he perceives and reacts to other people is part of this personality and a learned behavior. Most people have heard the ...

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In approximately 575 words, this solution discusses whether or not children are too young to understand bias and develop prejudices.