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Anti-bias lesson plans for early years education

Please provide 3 concrete examples of how anit-bias education can be taught in a pre-school classroom.

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Anti-bias education is a pretty general term that could quite conceivably encompass a goodly number of bias-inspiring topics. We speak of someone having a bias when they possess an opinion, or a tendency to either favor OR disfavor a person, place, thing, concept or idea.

I am biased when it comes to cooked spinach. I love it raw in salads (favor) and despise it cooked (disfavor). This appears, at first glance, to be a silly example. But - how many young children do you know who are ridiculously biased when it comes to their eating habits? I knew one who would eat only soda crackers with ketchup for her school lunch - and that actually IS a problem.

Personal bias is one issue that could be addressed in a pre-school setting. Cultural bias is another creature entirely, and must be handled sensitively, as ...

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