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Use of technology in early education

This course can be informally divided into two parts: NTeQ lesson design, and Spreadsheets/Databases. Choose one of the two components that would be the most useful in your classroom and school, and explain how you might use it effectively. You do not need to use URLs to support your answer, but please ensure that it is highly detailed and shows how your unique classroom situation would be affected by the element you chose. You are welcome to use information related to the element that came up in discussion (such as ideas from class members, the reading, and specific tools provided by classmates or your own research) in your response if you wish but you do not have to do so.

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NTeQ stands for integrating technology for inquiry. It is an education model which can serve as a theoretical tool for creating lesson plans which must include an integration of multiple subjects (Math, Science, Arts and Language), and technology. The rationale behind the integrated approach in pedagogy is to enable students or young learners, with a variety of information about a topic, through the use of enriched interdisciplinary curricula, to simultaneously use appropriate education technology.

Data bases are a great tool to straighten and organize ...

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