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Anit-bias program recommendations, with Web URLs.

Having chosen the instructional problem "Assessing student's tolerance levels, and Helping Children Develop Empathy and Respect for Diversity through a multi-cultural, anti-bias program". Please assist with why this issue is worthy of further investigation, and resource availability for an early childhood program serving children and families birth -5.

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The topic of empathy, respect for diversity and multi-cultural, anti-bias in young children and families is a worthy one for a class-based program because of the critical need for cultural understanding in today's modern, multi-national, multi-cultural world. It is no longer possible to live in cultural isolation in the modern world, and students and their families need to learn early attitudes that will assit them, not hinder them, in getting along with others who may look different, speak other languages, dress differently, eat unusual foods, and behave differently than they themselves look, ...

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What are Web=based justifications for an anti-bias program in early years education, and what programs might be good ones to implement? With references.