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Ten Questions To Lead Discussion of Educational Standards

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When interviewing for a position in teaching or working on a discussion panel of parents and educators, standard based education is highly discussed and debated. Questions regarding how standards affect education and the players involved are currently being asked and answered by many of the players in the educational community.

How should standards affect the way school administration relates to teachers and management of the educational process? How should teachers decide to interpret and teach standards within their particular school and students? The questions in this list touch on hot buttons regarding standards.

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This solution contains ten thought provoking questions about educational standards.

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1.)If teaching all of the standards for a subject in a given year is too much information for the students should the teacher back off of the standards and go for better comprehension or keep forging ahead to teach the list of standards?

2.)If some students need remedial work that falls to standards earlier than the current year, should the teacher help those students learn earlier material or just teach to the standards of the current ...

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