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? What is the relationship between individual characteristics and job satisfaction?
? How do different job characteristics affect employee satisfaction?
? Given the varying antecedents to job satisfaction, what are some ways that an employer can increase the probability of having satisfied employees?

You're inspired by the meeting and want to share what the team gained in their knowledge from the discussion. As a team, develop a short presentation for your peer group at SWC that addresses each of the following elements:
? How did the discussion change, alter or enhance your conception of employee satisfaction?
? Identify elements of job satisfaction that you may be able to influence.
? Discuss how you would increase job satisfaction within your department.

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The relationship between individual characteristics and job satisfaction:
1. Age is an important characteristic, young workers who have good designations have positive job satisfaction.
2. Gender: Women who are committed to their jobs and occupy positions that are commensurate with their abilities have a high degree of satisfaction.
3. Educational level: it is believed that with an increase in educational level there is an in the job satisfaction level. However, it is important that the person is committed to his task and organization.
4. Organization tenure of the individual: It has been observed that with an increase in tenure there is an increase in commitment to the organization leading to greater organizational satisfaction.
5. Managerial rank: Those individuals that occupy higher managerial rank often experience higher levels of job satisfaction.

Job characteristics and job satisfaction:
1. Jobs that are repetitive in nature lead to lower levels of satisfaction.
2. Jobs ...

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