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New Technologies in Education

I need help with describing an experience using a new technology tool. The technology can be any application or digital device that is new to you.
· Include the following:
o A description of the technology you used
o A description of the teaching product you developed
o discuss what ISTE National Educational Technology Standards
for Teachers this meets and how you can use it in the classroom.
o A discussion of the benefits of using technology in the teaching profession

Please cite all references in APA format.


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I'm not sure which subject you'd like, or if you'd like this to be teaching about the technology itself. The ideas I've laid out, though, are easily adaptable to any subject.

Technology - creating podcasts

Software applications - Propaganda (http://www.makepropaganda.com/), Podcast Wizard (http://www.extralabs.net/podcast-wizard.htm), GarageBand (http://www.apple.com/ilife/garageband/) or any other podcast creation software

A description of the technology you used - According to the Apple company, podcasting provides a creative outlet for today's students and "an exciting way for students and educators to explore and discover educational content." Podcasts are an innovative way for teachers to deliver content, and provide a newer, cutting-edge method of creating student presentations. Although podcasts are more time-intensive to create than a PowerPoint presentation, they provide a new diversion and learning experiences as students need to do more in-depth planning to create the elements of a podcast.


A ...

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This shows several lesser-used technologies and how they can be utilized in the classroom. It also matches technologies with ISTE National Educational Technology Standards and discusses benefits of technology in education.