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    Teaching Reading to 7-12 Graders

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    As a middle, high school, or content area teacher: K-12, how do you teach them to read? What does the research say? What techniques work best?

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    I love that we have research that shows how to teach reading to older students. Elementary teachers have clear-cut reading strategies and objectives they can teach to their students. They include: Begin teaching phonemic awareness directly at an early age (kindergarten). Teach each sound-spelling correspondence explicitly. Teach frequent, highly regular sound-spelling relationships systematically. Show children exactly how to sound out words. Use connected, decodable text for children to practice the sound-spelling relationships they learn. The use of interesting stories to ...

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    Solution addresses how middle school and high school teachers address reading instruction. Discusses tools such as the double-entry journal, think/pair/share, and making connections to other texts, to yourself, and to the world help students make sense of new reading passages.