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30-minute instructional activity plan for adult learners

Create a 30-minute instructional activity plan on the subject of your choice for adult learners. You must include the following in your plan: a. A web 2.0 tool as an instructional component b. A collaboration component including individual and collaborative input c. An assessment of the outcomes of the activity

Using Subitizing in the Teaching Practice

See the attached article â??Subitizingâ? and answer the below: 1. What do you think â??subitizingâ? is? 2. Why do you think it might be an important concept for teachers to understand? 3. What is one way that you can use subitizing in the teaching practice and how?

multiple intelligence assessments in the classroom

Have you completed any multiple intelligence assessments to identify what type of learner you are? What type of activities would you or already do incorporate into your classroom for the type of learner you are?

Characteristics of a teacher

What do you consider to be the most important characteristic of a teacher, professionalism, parent and community involvement, or reflection? Explain

Project Based Assessments

Compare project based assessments to authentic assessments and explain how they can support problem based learning and help students meet standards and learning goals that require higher order thinking skills? Project based learning typically results in some type of product and performance. Provide an example of technology i

Token diversity

Please explain "token diversity" and provide some examples that could be seen in a preschool classroom to better help clarify this to me. How does token diversity minimizes the existence of certain cultures and groups

Formative and Summative Assessment

Â?¢Compare formative assessment with summative assessment. What is the difference between them? List at least four ways that technology can assist you in accomplishing both types of assessment, and state your rationale.

The importance of learning logs in the classroom

A student's parent notices that you use learning logs in your classroom but you don't correct the grammar and spelling in their writing. Explain the purpose of learning logs and rationale for not correcting them. Explain how learning logs might fit with the rest of your curriculum and what students will gain by using learning

Ethical concerns with monitoring employee communications

Q 1-What conditions do you think warrant wiretapping of, or eavesdropping on, personnel communications? What are your ethical concerns with either of these techniques? How might they affect personnel investigations? Q 2- Surveillance could be an important aspect of an internal investigation. What are some special technique

Designing Assessment Tools to Improve Student Learning

Think about an actual assessment to evaluate student learning in an educational setting. Design an assessment tool that will provide data on student learning. Your project must include the following components: a. Description of the intended audience. Include at least one table or chart that summarizes demographic informatio

Importance of a Polygraph or CVSA Examination

Q1. Explain the importance of a polygraph or CVSA examination in the background process. What is your opinion of the use of polygraph examinations to hire employees? Q2. Do you think that polygraph testing is accurate? In Minnesota they use polygraphs but the results cannot be submitted to a court as "proof" of guilt or innoc

mini lesson on using vocabulary words

1.How might you select which vocabulary words to teach? 2.You may remember vocabulary study as getting a list of words, looking up the definition, and then taking a test on the words. This is still a prevalent practice, but research shows it is highly ineffective. What different methods of vocabulary instruction would you use

Polygraph tests

Q1. Under what circumstances is the polygraph used during a background investigation? Explain the importance of a polygraph or CVSA examination in the background process. What is your opinion of the use of polygraph examinations to hire employees?

Ethical decisions

Which do you believe causes the greatest dilemma in making ethical decisions and why? - Personal values - School district values - Pressures related to meeting student needs

reliability and validity

1. List the different types of reliability and validity. What sort of reliability and validity would you seek in assessing employee performance? 2. What are some examples of nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio data? What is internal consistency? How can you determine whether your survey has internal consistency?

Inclusion in school settings

What are the pros and cons of inclusion? Give at least 2 benefits and 2 drawbacks to inclusion, with reasons to back up your responses.

How to format a unit of study in Science and Mathematics using standards

Start with determining the standards you will be using.  It should be no more than three and one or two are best. Then determine what exactly the students should be understanding from the standard(s).  A good thing to do is be able to state why the students need to learn the concepts - what they will be able to take away fro

Inappropriate Behavior of a Teachers

Do you feel that a teacher should lose their credentials if the inappropriate behavior is with another teacher, district personnel, or husband of another district employee? With students, would it be better to separate the individual from the district or should they lose their credentials?

multicultural education

Please describe 3 myths about multi-cultural education in preschool classroom.. As a teacher, how can l dispel these myths by promoting multicultural perspective?

effective language arts teacher

o Describe what you think you will need to know to be an effective language arts teacher. o Explain why you feel this knowledge will help you become an effective language arts teacher.

Fingerprinting an Invasion of Privacy?

Establish which point of view to defend (for/ against) in an in-class debate on the value of fingerprinting and background checks versus invasion of privacy. Identify arguments to support your point of view.

Literacy needs and spelling program

In your primary classroom, you have 15 children at all different stages of literacy development. What would you do to meet their needs? Describe what you would implement for a spelling program. What types of activities would you include in your program?