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Token Diversity

Please explain "token diversity" and provide some examples that could be seen in a preschool classroom to better help clarify this to me. How does token diversity minimizes the existence of certain cultures and groups

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Corporations and those who run them need to evolve in order to survive. In 21st-century Britain, evolution means the ability to accept difference, to respect difference, to work with difference and, most importantly, the willingness to live with difference.
Evidence unfortunately shows us that they have a very long way to go. Today's organisations' answer to diversity is to seek individuals who look different but who will conform to the expectations of the white majority.
This token corporate brand of diversity perpetuates deep-seated organisational practices and attitudes rather than promoting much-needed change.

Above quote from K. Sarda, May 17, 2005. A token corporate brand of diversity. Retrieved from

This above quote defines token diversity ...

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Discussion of adult and schoolroom token diversity: what it is, and what happens when such a situation occurs for adults or for children in the classroom.