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    Establishing a relationship with parents

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    What do you do if the parents don't come to the "Meet the Teacher Night" or if they don't fill out any of the information sheets that were sent home?

    As a child gets older, parents become less and less involved in the child's educational process. How can this trend be reversed, so parents continued to be involved in helping the child's education?

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    No matter what you do, some will NEVER comply, either by accident or design. Unfortunately, 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree' and most often those that don't are the ones that we most need to see! The bottom line is that parents that are involved KNOW what is happening. If they can't come or don't want to come, for whatever reason and the need is there TO MAKE contact, then DO...however it can get accomplished.

    If the school is lucky enough to have a parent liaison, then make sure to get in tight with THAT PERSON! Often those people are hired because they are known in the community and can connect well with the family, to help. Unfortunately and realistically, especially with budget cutbacks, often there is no luxury of that person available. It's sad but we are in a totally different world now, ...

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    In the following posting, methods for creating solid relationships with parents are brainstormed for teachers to utilize.