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Case study : Depressed individual

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Role-play Practice in Interviewing a Client-Conduct 10-minute role-plays of an interview in which the following principles are demonstrated:

a. Establishing a relationship
b. Motivating a client
c. Fostering client participation and empowerment
d. Providing survival skills and relevant information
e. Providing support
f. Beginning to identify problems

Could someone please help me with this at least getting some of it and I can add to it -- I do not have time this week to interview anyone and don't have anyone close in the area that I work or live to even have a prayer of getting this done.

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Scenario: a young man, aged 29 does not have a job, he graduated with a PhD in Physics. He has just suffered a relationship loss, and hates his divorced parents. His partner left him, because he was harsh and extremely overly possessive of her. He has trouble establishing trust with people who he sees or interacts.
He has been very irate in all his interviews as well as sarcastic. His problem is that given failures in his relationships, he has become terse and negative with everyone. On top of this, he is living on very little financial bank of his own and has no social life with peers from his university or childhood friends. He spends all his time staying in his small suite and generally does not care for his health.
The client needs to be shown that in order to excel in the work seeking situation, he has to appear and genuinely be optimistic, pleasant and humble. He should try to alleviate the negative thought processing in his mind and view the world, as a place for pleasant opportunities waiting ...

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Case study : Depressed individual; diagnosis, treatment