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    The Ramifications of Euthanasia

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    At the end of chapter seven the text raises the issue of "Right to Die." Given the issues of depression and suicide prevention (or intervention) what is your stance on this issue. Do people have a right to die? Under what circumstances, if any, might a person exercise such a right? Is a severely depressed person able to competently exercise such a "right"? If any person says they now wish to die can we conclude they must be depressed? If so are they then competent enough to make such a decision?

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    I believe that despite the issues of depression and suicide prevention, and the resulting methodology, it should be an individual decision as to whether a person desires to continue living or not. I don't believe that any other individual should have the right to make a decision in reference to another person's desire to end their life, due to the fact that only the individual knows how much pain that ...

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    The solution discusses the ramifications of euthanasia.