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Does everyone need eight hours of sleep per night?

A friend of yours tells you everybody needs 8 hours of sleep per night. She points out that every time she stays up late to study, she feels lousy the next day. Is this explanation feasible?

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Many people are taught that the average amount of sleep an individual adult needs is about 8 hours/day. However, that varies from individual to individual and from situation to situation. There are a number of ways it varies. First, it varies as an individual progresses through the life cycle. Children need more sleep than adults. But, as the adult gets older and older, you will find the need to sleep more again.

The second factor that affects the amount of sleep needed is the activity level of the body and/or the mind. Usually, people who are very active physically require less sleep than couch potatoes. Similarly, people who are very mentally active require more sleep than the average as well.

People's genetic makeup can even determine the optimum hours of sleep.

Diet can affect the amount of ...

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