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    Discussion of Sleep and Sleep Disorders

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    Please help me with starting an essay question. Discuss in detail sleep.(no less than 300 words) Be sure to cover both non REM and REM sleep. Address physiological measures, as well as psychological (dreaming). What is the normal course of sleep? For example, how many hours/cycles are necessary for normal sleep? What are some of the difficulties people have during sleep, such as sleep disorders.

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    This should get you started. I have given you the references used so you can elaborate on your research. These two websites are packed full of information about everything you want to know about sleep. The book I referenced is also a very good resource. You may check it out at any library and may be able to find it online to view. Good luck on your research!

    What is sleep exactly?

    According to Talk About Sleep (2010), sleep is a state in which a human being is inactive and unaware of his/her surroundings. When a human sleeps, there is a decrease in body temperature, blood pressure, breathing rate. When a human sleeps, the brain is still as active as when awake; however, its functions limit bodily functions. There are two states of sleep; REM and Non-REM. This definition is what normal sleep is and according to the National Sleep Foundation (2010) sleep affects the overall human being in how we feel and perform and even how we look. Sleep has a major impact on the human's overall quality of life.

    REM Sleep:

    REM is Rapid Eye Movement. When human beings sleep, 25% of the night is in REM and is present during the first 90 minutes after falling asleep and reoccurs every 90 minutes or so with longer periods throughout the night. REM provides energy to the brain and during REM the eyes dart back and forth, muscles "turn off", and it is when dreams occur. During the state of REM, a hormone called Cortisol increases over the sleep period which helps alertness in the morning.

    NON-REM Sleep:

    There are four stages of Non-REM sleep. These ...

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