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    Sleep Disorders, Nightmares and Sleep Patterns

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    What kind of abnormal behavior or physiological event could happen during someone's sleep pattern to cause them to have parasomnias?
    Is there a way to over come this disorder properly without side effects?
    Do you feel that it is possible that someone could have nightmares every night and not have a sleep disorder?
    What about those dreams that you don't remember in the morning, could not remembering those dreams cause sleep disorders?

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    1. What kind of abnormal behavior or physiological event could happen during someone's sleep pattern to cause them to have parasomnias?

    Parasomnias are disorders that intrude into the sleep process and create disruptive sleep-related events that are considered "abnormal?(a deviation from normal sleep processes). Sleepwalking is one of the parasomnias, a group of disorders that also includes night terrors, nocturnal enuresis and nightmares. These behaviors and experiences occur usually while sleeping, and are most often infrequent and mild. They may happen often enough or become so bothersome that medical attention is required. Even though the symptoms of parasomnias are most often not serious, they can be symptoms of more serious problems (http://www.sleepdex.org/glossary.htm#r).

    Because the exact causes are unknown for these "abnormal?sleep patterns, it has NOT yet been pinpointed as to what causes people to have parasomnias. However, some causes have been proposed, such as immature brain processes related to sleep, inherited genes as some parasomnias run in the family, such as sleep walking, extremes fear or anxiety, or other environmental causes. These need to be explored in treatment, if they become so disturbing that they are disrupting a person's wellbeing and life to a great degree.

    What we do know, however, for some reason, the abnormalities, such sleep walking arises when NORMAL physiological systems are active at inappropriate times e.g. while sleeping. We do not yet understand why the brain issues commands to the muscles during certain phases of sleep, but we do know that these commands are NORMALLY suppressed by other neurological mechanisms. However, at times this suppression can be incomplete-because of genetic or environmental factors or physical immaturity-and actions that normally occur during wakefulness emerge in sleep.

    This disorder of arousal is much more common in children than in adults, and it is commonly associated with other ...

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