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    Age-Related Sleeping Problems

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    Inability to sleep well is one of the most frequent complaints of the elderly.

    Discuss the rationale for this phenomenon in the elderly client.

    Present an example of a time you cared for an elderly client who had problems sleeping.

    Rather than giving sleeping pills what can nurses in acute care facilities do to help facilitate sleep and rest for elderly clients?

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    There are a number of reasons that may cause the inability to sleep well for elderly individuals. Due to the fact that we experience more illnesses as we age, the effects of medical illness and other medical conditions can be responsible for the inability of elderly individuals to obtain the sleep that they need. In addition, some of the medications that these individuals have to take in order to combat illness and other medical conditions, may have side effects that include sleeplessness, etc. Another factor ...

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    Sleeping problems associated with the elderly are clearly examined.