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    Basic Probability problems

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    18 owned tents, 15 owned sleeping bags, 14 owned camping stoves, 6 owned both tents and camping stoves, and 10 owned both sleeping bags and camping stoves:
    a. What is the probability of owning a tent, owning a camping stove, owning a sleeping bag, camping stove, and owning both a sleeping bag and a camping stove?
    b. What is the probability of owning a tent or a camping stove?
    c. What is the probability of owning neither a camping stove or a tent
    d. Given a person questioned owns a tent, what is the probability he also owns a camping stove?
    e. Are the events of owning a tent and owning a camping stove mutually exclusive? Explain briefly?
    f. Are the events of owning a sleeping bag and owning a camping stove independent? Explain Briefly?
    g. If four people questioned owned a tent, a sleeping bag, and a camping stove, then up to how many can own only a camping stove?

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