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    Basic Probability Problems with Coins

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    Hello again!
    1. Suppose you have 3 nickels, 2 dimes and 6 qtrs in your pocket. If you draw a coin ramdomly what is the probality that a. you will draw a dime ? b. you will draw a half dollar ? c. you will draw a qtr ?

    2. you are rolling a pair of dice, one red and one green. what is the probability of the following outcomes. a.the sum of the two numbers you roll is 11 b. the sum of the two numbers you roll is 7 c. the sum of the two numbers you roll is 13

    3. supposed you are drawing cards from a 52 card deck. what are the following probabilities a. you draw a card that is NOT the king of spades b. you draw 3 cards wich end up being the king of spades and the queen of diamonds and the queen of spades c. you draw 13 cards and not one of them is the king of spades.. please show the work..

    4. Select a type of quantative data to collect from your own life. examples such as the # of people you see at work each 1/2 day, the # of call you get in the AM and in the PM or any other numeric data that you could split between AM and PM. PLease divide the day in 2 parts Am and PM and get the data on ONE of your example for each part. in a brief paper eaplain the data you collected. please have about 20 observations (2 for each day) Provide a description of the data collected and a table with the data you have collected. I will use this data for the next math problems.. Thanks again for your help and have a wonderful Thanks Giving

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