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    Probability of random selection with coins

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    A jar contains a variety of coins. The coins are distributed as follows:

    60 pennies
    33 nickels
    27 dimes
    75 quarters

    For this distribution, find the probability of randomly selecting the following coins:

    a) a nickel
    b) a quarter, a dime or a penny
    c) two quarters or two dimes, with replacement
    d) three nickels, without replacement
    e) a penny or any coin valued 10 cents or less

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    There are a total of 60 + 33 + 27 + 75 = 195 coins.

    a) There are 33 nickels, out of 195 coins, so the probability is 33/195 = 0.1692.

    b) This is the same as the ...

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    This solution shows how to find the probability of various coins being selected from a jar.