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    Strategy for Counseling Parents of Sexually Active Teen

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    Give an explanation of two strategies that you, as a sexuality counselor, might use to help the parents in the case study effectively communicate with their child about sex and sexuality. Explain two issues that would be important to address and why.

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    As a sexuality counselor, I would mentally examine the situation by making an assessment of each individual involved.

    It doesn't appear that Juliet had the "sex" talk with her parents and she is already 14 years old. If I think about my experience, as an aside, in the 1980s I knew about sexual intercourse at the age of 9. From a number of social and media factors, I would make the hypothesis some children might understand it at an earlier age, if not at about the same age.

    Helen assumed that Juliet would have had the same experience as she had when she was younger. It doesn't appear as though she took into account the social changes in the environment of adolescents today such as social media. Helen also admitted that she just got a promotion so there may have been a lack of attention to her daughter for a period of time. Some girls at this age are usually happy to be alone in their room or talking on the phone or engaging in social media away from their parents so Helen may have thought that keeping a distance from Juliet was normal when, in fact, she needed to be more present especially with the arrival of Scott in Juliet's life. Although Juliet's parents had rules, I am not sure that Juliet's parents understand that being positive parenting is not just about establishing boundaries but they have to make a vested interest in the psychological and emotional development of their children especially as they enter their adolescent years.

    It doesn't appear as though Juliet's parents "conversed" with their daughter about how the relationship was going ...

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