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Problems with Student Absenteeism

Discuss some problems of children being absent within schools that could be addressed in a research project. Analyze various methods of data collection that might be appropriate. Discuss issues related to validity and reliability. I need help creating a 350 word outline of this. Once I have an idea on were to go, I can finish t

Researching Cost-benefit Analysis of Absenteeism in Teaching

Discuss some problems within your some type of work settings (possibly related to teaching) that could be addressed in a research project. Apply one type of descriptive statistics to an actual set of data that could be used for documentation in a research plan. You may choose to create charts, graphs, scatterplots, frequency d

Rewriting a Business Letter

Please help with the sample letter below. Please help rewrite the letter. Letter should look more professional and please use good vocabulary, please use good words and please write good sentences. Most of the managers do not have enough time to study big letters. Could you please make the letter short? Letter should

Practitioners Reading Patterns

Please help to write a one page summary of this article: Practitioners reading patterns, attitudes about and use of research reported in Occupational Therapy journals.

Overcrowded Classrooms

Can someone please help me to create an outline on a description of community-(use your own setting but pretend you have too many kids in the classes). You can use actual sources for numbers etc. if for part of this like median income etc. Also I need help including in the outline the description of the work setting if there are

Challenges and benefits of teaching students with mental retardation in inclusion

Really need some help from an experienced teacher, as I have not started student teaching yet. The topic of inclusion of students with mental retardation is often a controversial one. Brainstorm the benefits and challenges of teaching a class that includes a student with MR. Be sure to discuss all factors, not just the disabi

PBL approach in your workplace/educational setting?

1. What would you consider the advantages and disadvantages of a PBL approach in your workplace/educational setting? Please base your response on a combination of our readings information's, your personal readings/knowledge, and your experience. Thank you your help is greatly needed!

Zero Tolerance policies in school

I really need help answering this scenario from an experienced teacher's point of view, as I have not started my student teaching yet and am finding this difficult to respond to. Scenario 1: True story - a 6 year old second grader - Zachary. The New York Times, October 12, 2009 "Zachary's offense? Taking a camping utensil th

Diversity and Inclusion in Education

How has diversity impacted education? How should schools or your work site deal with the pressures to fund certain categories of learners while providing high quality education for all students? How should one respond to critics of an inclusive environment? Support your responses with references.

Smoking and Low Productivity

My problem statement is 'smokers are less productive than non-smokers' - What would be an appropriate goal? My expected outcomes are: 1. No more than an average of 3.75 sick days taken by smokers . 2. Smokers will take no more than a total of 7 days of breaks for both males and females. - What particular instruments o

Ethics Paper

? Write a paper that outlines your position regarding ethics and its place in educational research. This is a personal position; therefore, you may use the first person pronoun. Your paper must include the following: ? a. What is your personal definition of ethics? ? b. In your opinion, what i

RtI and Formula to figure grade average

1. How is an individual's response to intervention (RtI) assessed? 2. What are the benefits of RtI over the discrepancy method? 3. What are some negative aspects of RtI? 4. How will student diversity, school district wealth, student-teacher ratio, and parental involvement affect the effectiveness of RtI? This las

Using Computers with Children

I require some ideas and assistance in developing a thesis statement regarding the impact of using computers with children from ages birth-6. It may include both the positive and negative aspects of the theme.


Role-play Practice in Interviewing a Client-Conduct 10-minute role-plays of an interview in which the following principles are demonstrated: a. Establishing a relationship b. Motivating a client c. Fostering client participation and empowerment d. Providing survival skills and relevant information e. Providing suppor


Find three examples online of software for use in case management and compare them, including discussing with what populations you think they might or might not be useful.

Online Learning / Distance Learning

Must be 4 to 6 Paragraphs- Increasingly, educators and trainers are incorporating blended learning strategies into traditional and/or distance learning courses. For this assignment: -Discuss how blended learning could be integrated into a traditional classroom environment and a distance-learning environment. -Addi

Child Development

The role that education plays in supporting healthy development and well-being for all children in our diverse world. State strategies that a child development professionals can use to ensure that all children have access to quality education within schools that support healthy development and well-being.

Personal Assessment Interview (Teacher/Educator)

Can someone please help me answer the following questions? Please answer in your own words. I just need an idea of where to go with the questions. ------------ 1. What are your three most important reasons for wanting to be a teacher? 2. What characteristics do you possess that you believe will make you an effective tea

Counseling Knowledge

Please help with the following questions: 1. Describe all the aspects of Active Listening Skills. Why are they used? Why are they important? 2. Compare and contrast the terms counseling and therapy. How would you define each and what are the goals of each?

Online learning modules and objects

Please help me with 4 to 6 paragraphs. With the emphasis on increasing the efficiencies when designing for (CBT)- Computer Based Training or online, more attention is being paid to reusing content for other applications. For this assignment, - Define the concept of instructional (or learning) objects (2-3 paragraphs)

Online learning

Your organization has an existing website, but it is considering adding instructional modules. Consequently, you have been asked to describe the requirements of designing and developing instructional modules for online delivery. Therefore, for this assignment, consider the unique constraints of the Internet as it applies to

Evaluation - the instructional design process?

Can you please help with the following? 1. Why is evaluation an important step within the instructional design process? 2. And list and describe the benefits of at least 4 different evaluation strategies. Thank you.


I need to know how to create a matrix for an organization to assist in selecting appropriate e-learning solutions, taking into consideration learner characteristics and learning goals.