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Building Rapport in a Grade 1 Classroom

Please help with the following questions, they are just hypothetical answers but they need to be focused towards grade 1: Using examples, explain the role of rapport building in creating a positive learning environment during the first week in grade one. List some classroom routines. How are the rules and routines establi

Art assessments

1) Why is it important to be familiar with and use a variety of assessment formats in visual and performing arts education? 2) How does assessment improve the quality of a student's work and understanding of the arts?

Teacher problems with standards are briefly examined.

This scenario is assessed: It is the third month of the new school year and you have just finished a week-long unit of study that covered key grade-level standards for your students. Prior to teaching the unit, you invested significant time and effort into preparing lessons, activities, and supporting materials. However, over

Qualities of an educator

PROBLEM: What are the THREE most important qualities you would want a Principal of a school to recognize in you as a potential staff member?


Summarize the objective, eligibility requirements, type of assistance, dollar range, and average of assistance of the 93.086 HEALTHY MARRIAGE PROMOTION AND RESPONSIBLE FATHERHOOD GRANTS. 150-250 words located in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance at: Summarize the objective,

Code of ethics

I need some input about a code of ethics for a teacher's career. This needs to cover personal, professional, and children and anything else that you think I need to cover.

New teacher questions are presented.

Questions as a new teacher point of view from one's own experience are posed and answered. o What are your goals in the next five years? In the next 10 or more years? o What steps are necessary to get you to your goals? What obstacles can you foresee and how will you overcome them? o What is one principle from the INTASC

Formative and summative assessments

1. How can traditional and authentic assessment methods be used for diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment? 2. Compare and contrast formative and summative assessments as used in mathematics and science instruction.

Mathematics and Reading Connection?

What is the connection between learning mathematics and reading? Specifically, what are seven language learning strategies that can be applied to enhance the learning of mathematics? Could you provide an article dealing with this topic or provide a link to one? Thanks.

Group and Team Decisions

Urgent help is needed 3) Give an example of a time when your group/team (or a group/team you know of) fell prey to the Abilene Paradox. Using the key causes of self-limiting behavior in groups, explain why you think this happened. What are some of the preventive measures the group could have taken to avoid the Abilene Paradox

Inquiry-based learning

1. How does the effectiveness of inquiry-based learning relate to science instruction? 2. How can I integrate science concepts with a reinforcement activity?

Math and Science

1. Why is the use of manipulatives important in teaching all math concepts? 2. How would you integrate mathematical concepts with a reinforcement activity? 250-275 words each question?

problem solving activities and diverse learning styles

1. How does the use of problem solving activities help to address diverse learning styles and special needs? 2. What is the relationship between the scientific and mathematical methods of problem solving? 275 words each if possible please.

Different types of teams

Describe a team or group you have worked with in the past. What type of team is it? How many people are on the team? How long have the team´s members worked together? What are the most frustrating aspects of teamwork, in your opinion? Give some real-life examples of organizations that use each of the four different type

Math and Science

1. Why is it important to have instructional and content standards for mathematics, science, and technology? 2. How can the integration of science, math, and technology standards foster student learning? Possibly 250 words each question??

Reading instruction is emphasized.

This job examines reading as a constructive process and describe the three cueing systems. It also includes key terms for each system. Resources are also included to validate the claims.

Teaching: Behavioral Expections for Out-of-Class Activities

Describes examples of out-of-class activities (i.e leaving the classroom as a group for the library, guest speakers). For each, three behavioral expectations are described as well as instructions on how you could teach these expectations to ensure student success.

How do I use learning centers in elementary classrooms?

Centers and Stations - I need lots of examples for what this would look like - specific and general. Please include the use of technology and computers. I need LOTS of examples. Also, I need some information on student attention and participation during teacher-led activities.

Classroom Routines: Examples and Step-byp-Step How-To

I have to identify routines that I would want students to follow for each of the following seven steps and describe a series of steps taken to accomplish the routine. Please address the routines below: -End of the day -Transition between activities -Distribution of materials -Field trip -Recess -Fire Drill

Nursing clinical assessment tools

I need to instruments to use in evaluating nursing students in a clinical setting, and the importance, strengths, and weaknesses of using each instrument. i need at least three articles references from nursing scholarly, nursing peer-reviewed journals