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A Discussion of the English-Only Laws

Compare and contrast both sides of the English-only issue and explain your position on the debate. (1) Use the Internet to research at least three to five states' voter-driven initiatives/laws relating to English language learner issues. (2) Compare and contrast each of those laws. (3) Explain the benefits as well as the c

Piagetan tasks or problems for 9 year old

I am doing a child study on a 9 year old boy and I am looking for some tasks, or questions, or logic problems, or games to assess him in the style of Piaget. Do you have any ideas? thanks

APA format for reference and in-text citation

I have read and re-read and cannot figure out how I cite the reference for the following: Harvard Business Review on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution. (each chapter has different authors) Harvard Business School Press Copyright 2000 No editor is listed. Would I list every author (there are twelve) or do I just refere

Short Feedback

1. Explain two basic principles for humane treatment of human subjects in research. Provide an example of a study in which ethical principles were not followed. How might study design have been improved in that case? 2. What are the advantages of using a mixed method approach to research? What are the challenges? Provide an

Discipline and Behavior Management

Compare and contrast behavior and misbehavior. Also, compare and contrast discipline and behavior management. How are these terms all related to one another?

Personal Philosophy of Classroom Management

I) Consider your current view of classroom management. Write an annotated list of those points you currently believe, in bullet format. Include four to five points in each of these categories: (1) How the teacher should act. (2) How students are expected to behave. (3) What the classroom might look and feel like. (4)

Inclusion for Educators and Politicians

Many educators and politicians believe inclusion is the answer to solving many of the problems learning disabled students are having educationally. Please give your thoughts on this.

Refine a research question

Would either of the following be an appropriate research question? And if so, what types of subproblems would you suggest? Does lack of training for and access to the internet adversely affect the well-being of senior citizens? How do providing senior citizens education for and access to the internet enhance their lives

Model paper help

I have already observed a teacher I just need a model to follow for my paper. Thanks! Observe classroom management in an elementary school classroom. During your observation, look for the following: o Teacher's management style o How the teacher interacts with students o Classroom arrangement o Examples of mutual res

How to convey one's classroom management plan

Identify and explain three effective ways to communicate your classroom management plan to parents or guardians and the administration. Describe a scenario in the classroom you observed when nonverbal communication was used with a student. How did this affect the student's behavior?

Managing change

Please provide some topic ideas that I could select from to research and write about related to the subject of "identifying change related to the implementation of differentiated instruction". My focus is on early childhood education so topics in that area would be appreciated.

Implementing Change in Pre-School Setting

As a curriculum specialist what are some steps or how would I go about implementing a change in a preschool setting to move towards a project approach. What are some crucial skills I would need to lead a successful change?

Instructional Strategies

How would instructional strategies be different in a face-to-face modality versus an online instructional modality? Assume you have the same goal and objectives.

Learning Disabilities

There are some discrepancies in the definitions of learning disabilities. List at least two of these discrepancies and discuss possible reasons for them.

Should summative and formative evaluations be integrated into one system?

I have defined and summarized the differences between summativea and formative evaluations of teachers. I am having trouble locating additional information to the other questions that address the specific problem. I need a solution to these questions: Should summative and formative evaluations of teachers be intergrated in the

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

I am taking a claim or argument that Emotional Intelligence is an important factor in success in education and career paths. I have read so much from Goleman, the Center for Creative Learning on their take on Leadership and EI-------The Time Magazine "EQ Factor"---------Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and Education----a

Language process

Describe four language processes that are interrelated during language development. Explain how each language process (i.e., listening, speaking, reading and writing) supports overall language development. How does oral language development support reading and writing development? How does written language development support or


Whose responsibility is it to teach ethics and morals to our children.. Is it the schools responsibility or the homes? Please be specific and provide examples.

Grading Curves Opinion

As a teacher do you feel that grading curves are fair? Does it just explode the true aptitude level of students or, does it allow for a particularly unfair test to seem more fair?

Classroom Discipline: A Case Analysis

Pretend that you are the administrator: ASSESS THE TEACHER:: Mr. Cole, a 20-year-veteran teacher who has been rated outstanding for all his years in teaching, has recently been the focus of some minor controversy. Students have been using profanity to him constantly, he reprimands them, warns them, and eventually writes them u

Teacher opinion on gradebook

Look at the attached Gradebook report for a student (from a colleague). Do you, as a teacher think this is a valid tool to assess the student overall? What do you like about it? Dislike? What grade would you assign the student based on this? As a STUDENT, would you feel confident with validity and reliability of this grade r

Sample Grading system

As a teacher what kind of handout do you give your students letting them now what kind of grading you do in the classroom.

Areas of a Progress Report

Come up with 5 areas which you feel should be used on progress reports (or even report cards). Develop comments and support you claims as to why these are important factors. Each comment must have a negative and positive application (i.e., must improve attendance and demonstrates exemplary attendance).

Veteran Teacher Interview Questions

1. How has your teaching style changed from being a first year teacher, three year teacher, five year teacher, etc.? 2. What was element of teaching did you find the most difficult to master in your first 3 to 20 years of teaching (curriculum, instruction, classroom management, etc.)? 3. How would you react if a parent came

Podcast on Student Grade Reporting

Summarize and critique this podcast - an interview with Connie Mazza. Also note further questions that you might ask Connie as a teacher yourself.