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Learning disabilities or not?

There are some discrepancies in the definitions of learning disabilities. List at least two of these discrepancies and discuss possible reasons for them.

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Learning disabilities used to be defined strictly as a disability in comprehending and processing language. Dyslexia is a prime example. This disability results from the brain's inability to view letters and numbers as the eyes see them. The brain decodes what the eyes see as "mixed up" from the way they actually appear on the printed page, which understandably causes difficulty processing written language. This difficulty in learning significantly affects the student's learning.

In recent years, however, the definition of learning disability has been expanded to include such things as behavior disorders, which do not concern or involve decoding or processing information at all, but refers to the student's inappropriate behaviors which interfere with the orderly process of learning in the traditional classroom. See the difference? It is not actually a learning disability, it is another sort of ...

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Discussion of what a learning disability is, anjd what the definition has been opened to also include as a learning disability, with mention of the problems in education that the expansion of that definition causes.