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    Language Acquisition Curricular Goals for Kindergarten

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    Selection of three goals with explanation. Examples of each goal are provided for emphasis.

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    Select three of these goals and then state and explain the goal. Consider providing an example of each goal for emphasis.

    "Thought and language, and intellectual development. To Vygotsky, a clear understanding of the interrelations between thought and language is necessary for the understanding of intellectual development. Language is not merely an expression of the knowledge the child has acquired. There is a fundamental correspondence between thought and speech in terms of one providing resource to the other; language becoming essential in forming thought and determining personality features." 2

    1. "Increase children's ability to communicate orally in instructional and conversational ...

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    Language acquisition includes oral communication, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening comprehension, and poetry awareness. Appropriate goals set for these areas of emphasis are important to set for Kindergarten students.