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Kindergarten Curricular Goals for Development

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Given the ability of a kindergartner and his/her language development, what kinds of activities would be appropriate to support each goal? Provide evidence supporting your activity choices. If possible, recall your own personal experience in kindergarten and relate activates that enhanced your own language development.

1. Increase children's ability to communicate orally in instructional and conversational settings.

2. Encourage an awareness of the purposes of reading and writing.

3. Increase vocabulary through conceptual development.

4. Increase listening comprehension.

5. Increase children's awareness of the process of communicating by using written language.

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Examples of activities are briefly brainstormed to discuss kindergarten curricular goals.

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1. Increase children's ability to communicate orally in instructional and conversational settings.

Role plays and dialogues are excellent activities to promote oral communication and conversational context. I use also rhyme and rhythm games, I say "cat," and then they respond, "chat." I use a ball to throw and catch. The catcher creates the rhyme. I also use blocks since kids talk as they construct and art since kids describe what they are creating. Chants, poetry, and word games are also useful.

2. Encourage an awareness ...

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