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Family issues in the US

1. Where do you stand on the issue of paid family leave in the United States. 2. What are other policies/practices should be implemented among employers, businesses and other entities to help protect and promote the relationship between infant and parent in the U.S.? 3. What do you see as the strengths of a child cent

Social Issues

Discuss the social demands facing children of middle childhood and adolescence, including how peer relations change and strengthen in adolescence.

Synaptic Pruning

1. What does the text mean when it talks about "synaptic pruning"? Provide an example of "synaptic pruning". 2. What do you know of how play changes according to the age/developmental stage of children? 3. Discuss some environmental factors such as environmental pollution, lack of stimulation, and malnutrition and des

Principles of Instructional Design are presented.

Details: One advantage of online learning is that it can be designed as a series of independent learning objects that learners can select in any order. Suppose that you are developing online self-instructional lessons that learners will take entirely on their own without a human facilitator. How might the organization plan be di

Principles of Instructional Design associated with the ADDIE model featured

You will continue creating instructional design documentation. You have already identified a setting, a learning need/opportunity, and the learners within that setting. For this unit, you will continue to build upon your instructional design document by creating part of the design phase associated with the ADDIE model. The Guide


What are challenges and opportunities related to diversity, multiculturalism, and adult learning? Develop a list of 7 - 10 challenges and opportunities and create a t-chart for the challenges and opportunities. The response should be supported by one or more peer reviewed references with citations. The response excludin

Principles of Instructional Design

In this assignment, you will begin your own instructional design project. Choose a topic. Consider a problem, issue, or opportunity with which you are familiar. The topic can be from early childhood development, K-12, corporate, or military settings. If you have taken this course previously, choose a new topic. Imagine that y

instruments for math class

What do you think about students being required to purchase special instruments for math class? For example, would you require your students to purchase protractors and compasses? Other alternatives would be for the school to own them, if possible, just for use in the classroom. Or for you, the teacher to demonstrate them in

Attending school online

Imagine you attend school online - what do you think your fondest memory would be and your fondest learning experience? Remember: no actual classroom, there are teams, discussions, readings and papers...

When is a client "beyond help" with family therapy?

Please help answer the following questions. How can a clinician determine when a family is beyond help by family therapy? What resources could be offered to the family as a whole and to the individual members if this determination is made? Who would be involved in the determination that the family is "beyond help?"

Mandated or Compliance Training

Without revealing proprietary information, what role does mandated or compliance training have in your company or district? What is the impact of these programs on your training department's resources?

Action Research Project

Identifying a problem, designing a potential solution strategy that may result in positive change, and collecting and analyzing data to determine if the potential solution strategy is a worthwhile solution, you will take an active leadership role in the improvement of a situation in your work setting.


Do you think that a therapist should be an active participant in the treatment of his or her clients? Why or why not? Please provide sources to support your choice.

Reinforcement types are emphasized.

What is the difference between postive and negative reinforcement? In your opinion is either effective? Why or why not?? Please provide two examples and references that support you choice.

Instructional strategies

Choose an instructional strategy related to science and math delivery (e.g., cooperative learning, multiple intelligences, differentiated instruction, small group exploration, experiments, and technology). Write paper with a minimum of two sources. Provide a justification for your chosen strategy. Why do you believe this strateg

Grant proposals guidelines

Discuss sample grants and guidelines that would provide for a model of my action research project which is improving negative behavior in my fourth grade class at xyz elementary school.