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Classroom assessment plan using computers

There are 30 learners and 5 computers in a classroom setting.You are presenting an alternative assessment using the computer.What plan could you devise where all learners would be able to take the assessment? Provide an online resource that will help you monitor the classroom to prevent cheating. response is 241 words

Chemical Industry, APA formatted model research paper

Topic: Chemical Industry Address the following elements in the order listed: ? History ? Corporate stakeholders and response to their issues ? The role of the industry in its social, economic, and political setting ? Domestic and international ethics ? Ecological and natural resources ? Social issues ? Your rat

Sociocultural Theory

What are the main claims of sociocultural theories? Please provide an example for clarification. ---------- response is short discussion of 76 words and lengthy excerpt (877 words) from internet sources provided plus a reference

Influences on educators

Please help with the following problem. Include references in the solution. What are the major influences or factors that influence those individuals who choose to go into the education profession today? Who had the biggest impact on their decision to become teachers?

Database Report

Within the workbook, you will do the following: Submit the following reports: Last name, First name, Name of school/district sorted by Last name, First name ascending order This just means that after you sort the data based on the last name, first name ascending order, then you should remove any columns that are not the la

Discussing Negative Classroom Conditions and/or Disruptive Behaviors

I need to list 10 negative classroom conditions and/or disruptive behaviors that influence the teaching environment. Speculate on how each of these might be changed through the application of different strategies and how this informs your personal classroom management system. I am having some difficulty coming up with a list.

Learning and Teaching Example Problems

1. Must every program have clearly defined services and procedures that are based on best practices, or may workers be able to decide what to do with clients based on their own professional judgment and experience? Defend your answer. 2. In what ways have you seen or might you anticipate a human service organization incorpo

discuss the interaction between ELL families and the schools

Using the electronic resources , write a word essay in which you discuss the interaction between ELL families and the schools. Include information about the following: i) Sociocultural influences on ELLs. ii) Bilingualism and home language use. iii) Parental and community resources for English acquisition in your area.

Supporting Change

How does your work setting sustain morale and time commitments from employees in time of change? provide specific examples relative to your experiences.

Implementing Change in a Classroom

Please provide a personal opinion on the following topics: What experiences have you had in implementing changes within your past or present work experiences? What was the process? Was the change process a success? Why or Why not? What are the crucial leadership skills necessary to support successful change?

Quality Children's Literature

To be successful, teachers need knowledge of excellent children's literature (Feeney & Moravcik, 2005; Morow & Gambrell, 2002, 2004). Read the article, Using Read-Alouds with Critical Literacy Literature in K-3 Classrooms. Identify two books that you believe have these important characteristics of excellent children's literat

Piaget's Theory

What would be an example of an argument against Piaget's theory about how children think based on subsequent research.Please provide a source that could be used to substantiate this and for further research and discussion.

effective teacher as a good manager

I could use some help/ideas on answering the following question: Some educators argue that an effective teacher is a good manager, but others object to this metaphor. These critics suggest that the image brings with it notions of manipulation and detachment. Is the manager metaphor an appropriate choice?

Modern day issues for personal input

1. Do you believe that corporations should be socially responsible or do you think that corporations should focus on getting the highest possible returns to shareholders? 2. What do you think is the primary reason that ethical problems exist in today's corporations? 3. There are many benefits and costs associated with globaliz

The potential risk of earthquakes in a specific location.

Just because something is natural does not mean it is not dangerous. Take the earth's energy as an example. Every year, hundreds and sometimes thousands of people are killed because of earthquakes and other seismic events that destroy homes, buildings, cities, and roads. Begin this project by reading about earthquakes here:

Infant and toddler education

Please help me get started on a paper about cultural differences and social environments for infant & toddler. The paper has to be 3 pages using 12 font.

Creativity, Art, and Dramatic Activity

A great deal of research has emphasized the importance of the arts in education. Share at least three ideas for integrating the arts into early childhood education. Share specific, developmentally appropriate, lesson plans and lesson objectives for how your students will benefit from the activities or lessons described. Discuss

Discuss one effort to improve schools (A new program, co-teachers, departmentalization, etc.). Discuss to what extent it was effective. How did it change the curriculum? (150 to 200 words)

Discuss one effort to improve schools (A new program, co-teachers, departmentalization, etc.). Discuss to what extent it was effective. How did it change the curriculum? (150 to 200 words) We have recently started experimenting with a limited version of the block schedule at our school. Prior to this current year we had alwa

Themes of Myself and Family

Children's literature provides a wealth of resources and ideas for sharing with children. Select a children's book related to self or family. Possible topics to consider: self esteem, emotions, or family structure. Describe how the book fosters child development in the selected area. Be specific and give examples of concepts rel

OSHA Performance

Since the OSHA Act was put in place, how well is OSHA doing? What legal rights do OSHA inspectors have?